You MUST Go to Southern Colorado


map of so co.PNGWe didn’t run out of things to do for the two weeks we played around southern Colorado. This part of the country has plenty to keep an outdoor enthusiast busy.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

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Summer music festival, anyone? This annual event starts with a gondola ride up the mountainside to the town of Telluride. There are food trucks and bluegrass musicians galore.

Ouray, Montrose, and Silver Jack Reservoir

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Ouray is lovingly nicknamed ‘Little Switzerland’ as it sits nestled among towering snow-capped peaks. The scenic Million Dollar Highway from Ouray to Silverton is also known as a terrifyingly dangerous road and doesn’t disappoint. This section of Colorado offers plenty of hikes although there are still snowy patches to sludge through in June. The Silver Jack Reservoir is so breathtakingly isolated that it was the movie site for several John Wayne movies like True Grit.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

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This lesser known national park in Colorado has stunning views whether you drive around the rim from above or obtain a wilderness permit to hike into the canyon below. The inner canyon hike includes scrambling down rock piles and searching for cairns to avoid getting lost along the way.

Buena Vista and Royal Gorge at Canon City

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This quaint town has it all – rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, fishing, hot springs, and 14ers to hike. We even had guests stay with thus during part of this stretch! Rock climbing at Transmitter Tower and rafting in the Royal Gorge were exceptionally intense to feed our adrenaline cravings. We started the climb midway up a rock tower and so were 200 yards above the ground once up the rock face. We somewhat knew what we were getting into at the Royal Gorge since we opted for the advanced run down the river, but we watched another boat flip and all of its paddlers wait to be rescued in the rapids. Some were too terrified to continue and another had a bloodied face.



One thought on “You MUST Go to Southern Colorado

  1. That was our first experience in a camper-trailer and while it felt weird leaving and not smelling like campfire, it was kind of nice cooking in a kitchen and having movie night. Drew is kicking himself for not staying one more night for some real boondocking…. We are already planning our next visit(s) 😉


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