Roadtripping the West: Part Two

We’re on the road again. Seeing things that we may never see again. Just can’t wait to get IMG_9542on the road again.

This song should play in the background of our lives as we journey out West again for more adventure. But this time, we have a whole new set-up and different destination than we did in part one of our trip. The first part of the trip featured traveling around the Rocky Mountains towing along our 30-foot camper for 3 months. In Kristin and Carl Take the West 2.0, we’ve made some changes to fit our travel needs.


Our set-up: While the Mesa Ridge provided spacious comfort, it just wouldn’t do for our plans this time around. We’re planning for just a month on the road but hoping to make it to at least 7 states with non-stop travel from destination to destination. We needed a rig that would allow us to stop and go with little maintenance and lots of maneuverability. So, we’re living out of our truck with cots, which Carl constructed, covered in pads and sleeping bags in the bed of the truck and clothes and food in the backseat. Our small pull-behind trailer holds all our toy items like bikes and the moped plus extra water and tools.

Our campsites: Because we’ll be constantly on the go, we’ll be stopping in our planned cities for just a night or two at a time and frequenting parking lots and free public land while looking for places to shower and freshen up (when necessary, of course). Nights in the back of the truck have gotten down to the low 20s so far, but we have layers of blankets to nestle under. In the first few days of the trip, we’ve traveled through the changing of fall colors to the early snows of the season so the desert.

Our adventures: We’re headed out West again, but like many other nomads, we’re escaping the cold and headed for the sunny coastline of the Pacific. We’ll make stops in the desert along the way, but ultimately we long for the Southern Cali beaches. Our snorkel gear and SCUBA certifications are ready and passports stashed securely away in case we decide to cross the border into Mexico. We also have several national parks on our list and are always looking for odd and thrilling places along the way.

Our company: Sadly, it just didn’t make sense for our four-legged friend to join us. Sleeping in the back of the truck is already…cozy with the two of us. We couldn’t imagine adding an energetic dog to the mix. Bella stayed behind with family, but luckily we often get daily updates of her shenanigans. Carl’s brother Brandon is filling her void for part of the trip, and thankfully he has his own dwelling since three would be a crowd in the confines of the truck bed. His blue action van and nightly tunes on his guitar bring more to the party anyways.

Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures in the various national parks of Utah. We’ll see how much longer we can hold out until our next hotel room. And shower.